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Project Delivery Process

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Stanford's Project Delivery Process (PDP) Manual (updated Sept. 2023)

The Project Delivery Process (PDP), originally developed in 2001, serves the Stanford University community as an invaluable resource for assisting staff, clients, and contractors who are embarking on a new building or renovation project for Stanford.

The Project Delivery Process Manual (revised Sept. 2023) is designed to facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders and describes the tasks, deliverables, and approvals expected throughout the process. The PDP Manual can assist in educating new staff, clients, and contractors as well as serve as an invaluable day-to-day reference manual for seasoned personnel. The goal is to improve understanding and communication between all stakeholders by clearly identifying the roles and responsibilities of the numerous team members and the Process and Controls that are expected at each phase of the project. With clear expectations and communications, overall project quality and satisfaction will be improved.

Click here to download the interactive PDP Manual

Chief among the documents that are frequently referenced within the PDP include:


The PDP Manual will be reviewed periodically for quality improvements and evolving needs of the University.